Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Diversity is Passé

When a gay Sikh man in a turban says, “I am fed up with the mainstream media consensus that takes for granted that maximizing profits of an enterprise, private or state-owned, at any cost, is the only choice  for our civilization” –-then what is the diversity quotient in this scenario? That he is gay? That he is a person of colour? That he wears a turban. That he does not come from a Judeo-Christian tradition? Or, that he is fed up with capitalism as it stands today? 
When Justin Trudeau hams and haws about this country, that “diversity is Canada’s strength,” what exactly is he trying to say? What exactly is he trying to forestall? What exactly is he fighting for? What is the history of the evolution of the term “diversity”? Where is it coming from? Remember his father, the dashing demagogue Pierre-Elliott? He plugged for “multiculturalism.” For several decades that was the mantra. Either to display a patronizing largesse towards the later arrivals or spit on it as a conspiracy of Anglo Canada. It was very soon construed by the Quebec indépendentiste movement that multiculturalism was a carefully constructed counterfoil to Quebec independence. Instead, Interculturalism, allophone, and terms like communauté culturel became de rigeur.  Tolerance and diversity went hand in hand for a while until pretty much 9/11 happened and Islamophobia was born. With that, convoluted notions of secularity eventually gave birth to the manipulative, imitative concept of laicité and eventually the attempt at the monstrous “charte de valeurs.”
What is the equation that defines diversity? Colour/race/attire/religion etc as the dividend and political conviction as the divisor?
Loss of ideology and the advent of dystopia. Single issue left survivalists encourage this identity based militancy. It was perhaps necessary, but must it continue? After all 50% of most western youth have no faith in capitalism..

Everyone talks Diversity. What do they really mean?
Acceptance? Tolerance? Of what? Of strange customs, garb and religions? Of the right to wear a head cover or a piece of underwear or a bangle or a ceremonial blunt knife under layers of cloth? Which?

The new diversity is the diversity of opinion which comes from a new awareness about an old scourge. The scourge of inequality, disparity and segregation based on that. If folks want to go topless protesting that inequality, let the voice be heard and not the dangling breasts made an issue of. 

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