Thursday, July 23, 2015

Finland, the Baltic States and the Germanic mindset

It is interesting that Finland has always had a sleazy history aligning with the Germans even during the Nazi period. They signed a "co-belligerancy" pact with Hitler.  No one talks much about it. Political wormbugs of all genetic codes keep sputtering about the Hitler-Stalin pact till us cows actually refuse to come home. We are just tired, at the end of the day, to listen to the same cow-call that brings us back to the staid barn of Goebbels-like repeat-itis..

The Finn affinity for the Germans along with the Lithuanians, Estonians, Latvians is tell tale. Their co-belligerancy, now against Greece, is thus remarkable.  They are perhaps really all anxious about the Russians....the old Soviet Union made them paranoid and jittery...even though they themselves became independent only after the Bolsheviks seized power... in 1917... prior to that the Russians and the Swedes fought each other and considered Finland a province of theirs. 

So with the Russians having a closer affinity for Greek orthodoxy  as opposed to the Finnish Lutherans, it suggest that tribal affiliations run deep.... because for sure the Finns are not the leading lights of the current thrust of  global banking-based capitalism and Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania  are hardly the front paw of industrialization like Germany is and nor are theytoo chummy with the folks at Goldman Sachs.  Neither do they give a rat's arse for genuine and good old neo-classical macroeconomic management principles. 

So, not every alliance is about bankers nodding their heads in unison in dark chambers...about how to screw the "lazy" tax dodging, dark Greeks. In Europe tribal affiliations run deep. So behind all the fantastic machinations of global capital,  there is also the petty minded historical animosity and alignment between tribes. The Finns never liked the Rus. The Germans do have a long standing vision of a dominating master race attitude.. it has not gone away. Uber alles, for sure. Dr. Schäuble  reminds me of the classic icy  Nazi lab doctor. ..Mengele...only this lab is experimenting with the life  choices made by olive farmers....a monster of a new sort indeed. And there are the Baltic states scurrying around  like vermin around the master rat.  Race, religion and tribe is still a bonding element to consider..Identity!

There is an interesting piece here from the Guardian about the anti-Russian revisionist history that has been cooked up in the Baltic States for a quite a while now.

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