Saturday, June 13, 2015

Harvard Bags Meltdown Bonanza

So, hedge fund bilker Paulson gave Harvard University $400 million. And liberals and the Education-based political carpetbaggers swooned and swayed over it.  The world's richest university with $ 36 billion in endowments got the biggest chunk of velvet textured blood-lined cash ever in academia and liberals all over, including fawning brown-skinned  B school Heads  who figure prominently in Mr. Obama’s trite attempts at inclusive governance, went nuts about how liberal ideas prevail "only" in America. One of Harvard’s NRI Deans threw a challenge to the “west” (read Republican oil and gas and retail giant multi-billionaires) to counter this expansive liberal frame of mind.
Paulson made 4 billion $ during the 2007-8 meltdown by betting that there would be a housing market crash.  And he won. He put thousands of first time, middle and low income house owners out in the streets and living in tents along the Hudson. And they also moved into the storm water sewers of Las Vegas and restarted their lives, all over again.  They hemorrhaged to death while Paulson, on steroids, cashed in on their misery.  And Obama, the commander in chief of the largest imperial army in world history, like his predecessor Bush, carried forward the pledge to make sure that all the lying gang-bankers got bailed out, while Paulson romped home furtively. So Harvard, that bastion of US liberalism, and such a symbolic mind space drooled over endlessly by Democratic Party hitchhikers is now going to rename its Engineering school in the name of this arch ├╝ber hedge gangster.
There is something so frivolous and naive about Democrat fawners upholding their "liberalism” in opposition to the climate-change denying bible thumpers in the Republican Party.  It is so gobsmackingly simplistic for those who live in this 2 party trench to continue to posture and present their pie as the better of the two. One is open about its stale and repetitious conservatism. The other puts a creamy cover of liberal foam on it. But it works. Because, philanthropy based on outrageous profiteering is treated with deference by the majority of the population. And in fact, Buffet, Gates and Soros have carved a philosophical niche out of donating billions, as another way to stave off the collapse of a world order based on inequality.

So Harvard gets its money. The engineers get to make drones that can one day reside in the parting of your hair and manage the personalized and paranoid security state that we are beginning to get acclimatized to and we all get to sing the songs about charity prevailing over resolving the fundamental divisions in society.  

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