Wednesday, August 06, 2014

(Came back this afternoon from a die-in in front of the NDP office. Friends lay splattered with the names of 2-80 year olds. This summer has been a downer.)

I WANT WINTER, Aug 5, 2014

At this point I want winter back.
I want the mist above the snow on a river below a bridge.
And nothing else.

I want a lone piano player on a pier
whose end can't be seen.
I want him to play single notes on a long bridge with one note for one child
and nothing else.

I want the end of this summer of blood
Of colours,  banners, grimaces, anger,
Of coiled, spitting vipers
On green lawns creeping up on friends
Who stand up alone,
Against militia on an annual dole.

I want the mirth, the couches with beer,
the lawless in their patio,
on a hilltop cheering, foaming,  darting around,

I want winter and nothing else.
I want an endless pier, a bridge,
A piano player, a hammer for a finger
 playing one note for one child

And nothing else.

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