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Modiocracy for a start….
Let’s put Godhra aside. Let’s just forget about 2002 and 1984, as well. Let’s also understand that the legal process in India does not provide the benefit of the doubt to the downtrodden until proven innocent, but on the other hand does find ways and means to whitewash the powerful of any insinuation of guilt. Let’s simply not harp on Modi/fascist/Hindutva/right wing endlessly—so much so that the historical meaning of these words lose their edge.
Let’s simply examine some benign facts about Gujarat. Straight from the state’s own mouth.
-              Dropout rates from Gujarat schools are at a record 58%! The national average is at 49%
-For Gujarat’s Dalits and Tribals the dropout rate of high school students has reached  65 and 78% respectively
-              In Gujarat there are 52 students per teacher, in the intermediate level, whereas the national average is 34 per teacher.
-              The enrollment of boys for class 1 in Gujarat has dropped by 24%, although the enrollment of girls has actually increased 11%. In general, men and boys are skipping education? Modiocrists may explain that Gujarat is so engulfed with entrepreneurial zeal that the male population finds knowledge acquisition quite redundant, and girls have more time and can fulfill traditional roles and therefore can complete education, merely as a chore perhaps? 
-              Gujarat’s gross enrollment ratio (GER) is at 17.6 and is lower than states like Tamil Nadu (38.2) and Maharashtra (27.4) . GER is the proportion of 18-23 year olds studying in higher education against the total population.

-              Gujarat’s shortage of doctors at primary health care centers is 34%. Shortage of specialists at community health clinics is at an astounding 94%
-              Planned sub centres for primary and community health care centers are at an astounding level of incompletion. 21% of sub centres, 19% of primary health care and 11% of community centres as planned, do not exist.
-              In tribal areas 70% of Xray technicians and 63% of pharmacists have not been posted and there are no doctors available here. 100% shortage!
-              As a result, infant mortality in Gujarat has reached 38 average and as high as 55 in certain districts (death before reaching the age of one). In Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra this rate is 21 and 25 respectively.
-              The mortality rate for girls under five is 37 in Gujarat, while the national average  is 34. The whole of India is out to destroy its girls, though, on a war footing.
So, when the backers of Modi (and I am not talking about the Khaki balloon-pant wearing saffron goon squads ) ---- I am talking about industrialists who go hoarse screaming about “growth”,  roads, electricity, foreign investments, single window processes,  nano car production ( a tax shelter and land scam that has been neatly swept under the rug by the Tatas and the Modi government)—where is your soul? Where is your honest take on the condition of the population for whom you want to make soaps, cereals, drinks, medicines and fruits? How will they buy your products, if they have no cash, no savings and no idea of the world they are getting into? How will they buy the commodities that you are so keen to produce on land stolen from agriculture and how will they have some income so their children can go to school, eat healthy foods and get primary health care, when Gujarat’s investments in these sectors are abysmal? Will they eat cement, steel, nano cars, highways and containers?  How will the fabled farmers of Gujarat, more than 700 of whom have committed suicide during Modi’s rule, prepare the food for the children of Gujarat when their land is stolen, their loans are like hot coals around their necks and chemical companies are producing seeds they don’t need?

I said I would not talk about 2002, about Gujarat, about 1984, about Congress leaders trying to exploit Gujarat’s reign of shame while tucking away their own carnages from Baranagore and Amritsar to Delhi and Nellie. I did not. I did not also talk about the well-grown potted plants of fascism that are spreading everywhere under BJP aegis. I am talking about children, health care, education, mortality, mothers and food. That is enough to put the Modiocrists in a little cell in Tihar. Modi does not chill you to the bones. The facts are clear. These are benign monsters that must be dispensed with coolly. 

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AAP: Analysis to Paralysis

Rana Bose

Courtesy: delhi.aamaadmiparty.org  
In the case of the advent of India's Aam Admi Party (AAP) - there has been a proliferation of "Oops! What happened here or how did this happen?" kind of reaction on web-based mags. The AAP has mesmerised or puzzled everyone. It has also pissed off the BJP, made the Congress posture as "feminists" and as well as, put Karat's twist-and-turn CPI(M)'s undies in a knot - because potential electoral adjustments are always on their minds.
In the case of the advent of Mamata Banerjee's Trinamool Congress in West Bengal, 32 years of "Left" bureaucratic, non-democratic hoodlum practices left behind an entire population (workers, peasants, clerks, househusbands and wives, students, traders, hustlers, capitalists and farmers) craving for "liberation" from a "dada-communist" hell. There was limited contradiction between the "relations of production" (ownership and superstructural domination) and "productive forces" (technology, science and skills) in West Bengal. The CPI(M) controlled it with great finesse and kept the conflict at bay. In the case of the advent of the AAP, the signs of the conflict are evident.
On a separate note: Wiki-journalism is a scourge that has hit us all, who are not academics or theorists, almost directly on the jaw. And we don't feel it! We cannot remove ourselves from the easy encyclopaedic shortcuts to critical theory - cultural, economic or political - and we also find it so easy to scour data, news and opinions on the web, as well as snapshots from past theorists and then juxtaposing them as our situationist analyses. By situationism, I imply the abject poverty of "who said what" and "who did what" kind of reporting - which concentrates entirely on responding to events, as cultural and psycho-economic individual happenings, rather than considering the historical and material basis for the evolution of social conditions. Wiki-journalism provides a sprinkling of analysis, but leads ultimately to paralysis.
 Spoilers? B-Team?

Courtesy: news.oneindia.in  
Curious descriptions have been put forth in the case of the AAP-like "spoilers", "the new Congress", "B-Team of BJP" or even "innocent subversives". The AAP should be considered as the result of a conflict between relations of production and the productive forces in a neo-liberal era. The advent of neo-liberalism has meant the relative stepping back of old-style state-controlled bureaucratic capitalism (and its collaborators, serf-like feudalism), and the emergence of free-trade initiated new-technology and "new " capitalists fuelled by foreign investment and "opening" up of the economy (with easy access to borrowing). This has led to a visible conflict between those who see "growth" and "trickle down" as panacea and simultaneously clamour for "equity and fairness" as is expected in the "level playing field of free market" economies (read the new mantra of "anti-corruption") and a "new" working class that has seen and experienced the perversity of new management methods in a neo-liberal era. It is not a coincidence that the Suzuki-Maruti workers, who have demonstrated significant political astuteness, represent this conflict that has come about in a neo-liberal market economy, and that they are in the hotbed of the evolution of the AAP.
It is also not surprising that rampant racism against African women in Delhi, the not so-shocking brutish violence practised by the Delhi police (caught on smart phones and put on You Tube), the vigilante mobsterism practiced by AAP ministers and the suicide by a central minister's wife at the plush Leela hotel all point to acultural change-about in an emerging neo-liberal setup in the capital of India. Two gang rapes have caught attention recently in India - amongst several dozen others, and probably many others that went unreported. One was in Delhi - last year, where a young techie couple was manhandled in a bus, by recent rural migrant workers. The woman died a horrible death. The entire world watched in shock. The other one occurred recently in West Bengal, where a village tribal council "sentenced" a young tribal woman, for consorting with an "outsider", to be raped by 13 men from the tribe, as "punishment." Once again the entire world watched and heard in shock. One gang rape happened in neo-liberal New Delhi. The other one happened in neo-feudal West Bengal. It is interesting that the BBC reporter Soutik Biswas took great pains in trying to explain and understand how the Santhals - who have been a valiant, powerful, honest, rebellious and upright tribal people - could carry out such a terrible "sentence". It is simple. Santhal tribal or migrant workers are all influenced by the hegemonic culture that sits atop the socio-economic base.
Two worlds
The issues that should trouble us are that India is now separated into two worlds. The old and the new. In the old world, the conflict between the relations of production and the forces of production (and the attendant regressive cultural hegemony) is still being played out, albeit in a "primitive" manner and West Bengal and TMC is a good example of that. And in the new world, the conflict is developing rapidly, with a neo-liberal, cultural hegemony (Bollywood also has a neo-liberal variant) on the rise. The advent of the AAP in Delhi represents that best.
This article originally appeared in www.themaidan.com

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Soni Sori – This isn’t bail, we are still living in jail, ‘exiled’ in Delhi

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Ashutosh Bhardwaj : Newdelhi | Thu Dec 26 2013

Maoist exile
Soni Sori with nephew Lingaram Kodapi in Delhi. IE
Away from their forested home in Dantewada, two alleged Maoists are living in exile in a crowded lane in Delhi. Barred from entering their “motherland” Chhattisgarh, tribal teacher  and her nephew Lingaram Kodapi, both accused in the Essar-Maoists payoffs case, spend their days meeting activists, students and readingMarx among other things.
“If you say Lal Salaam or use the word Marx in , you will be termed aNaxal and arrested immediately. In Delhi many people say Lal Salaam,” says Sori, 37.
“I am surprised that Marx is taught in colleges here. Arrest all these students,” adds Kodapi, 25.
In Chhattisgarh, Marx is considered to constitute Maoist literature — sufficient evidence for arrest under the stringent Chhattisgarh Special Public Security Act.
After spending over two years in , the duo were released after being granted interim  by the Supreme Court last month. But they were prohibited from entering Chhattisgarh.
“My tragedy is not the jail term. I could have lived with that. Tribals in my region (Bastar) are usually put in jail for no reason. The bigger tragedy is that I lost my motherland. Puri duniya men badnaam ho gayi main (I have been dishonoured in the whole world),” says Sori.
Her two daughters and a son live with her brother in Dantewada. “I cannot go back to my children. Their childhood has been destroyed,” she adds. After being released on bail, Sori was given little time to even meet her children, as she and Kodapi had to leave Chhattisgarh within 24 hours. They now live in the office of their lawyer,Colin Gonsalves. Always accompanied by a guard, they have to report to the nearest police station every week.
“Policemen in Delhi don’t know our case, they taunt us saying that we are notorious Naxals. They say `tumhen chhorna nahi chahiye tha. Supreme Court ne tum par meharbani kar di (you should not have been released. The Supreme Court did you a favour),” says Kodapi.
“It’s not bail. We are still living in a jail,” adds Sori.
These days, Kodapi is watching Steven Soderbergh’s Che, a gift from a British friend. He reads English books and quotes Nelson Mandela.
“The government of India has not done justice to tribals. We never asked for anything. We only want liberation, not reservations. My Constitution gives me the right to equality,” he says.
The duo have been acquitted in all other cases except the Essar-Maoists payoff case. Sori was in jail when her mother died last year. Her husband and co-accused Anil Futane reportedly succumbed to injuries he sustained in jail days after he was acquitted in August this year.
“They granted bail to the Essar general manager and B K Lala (Essar’s contractor), but denied it to us. If the high court had given me bail, I could have gone back to live in my village, but now I have been evicted, without a home,” says Sori.
Essar is alleged to have paid “protection money” to Maoists, and Sori and Kodapi are alleged to have acted as conduits.
Kodapi blames both the security forces and the Maoists. He says while the former wanted him to become a special police officer (SPO), the Maoists also wanted him to join their ranks. He refused both offers, he says.
“Maoists force tribal youths to join them. Several years ago, Badru (a Maoist commander) called me and asked me to fight against the police. I refused. Now, Badru is the police’s man,” he says.
He says the trial has steeled his resolve and “faith in the Constitution and non-violence”. “They have pitted me against myself. When they arrested me, I asked them to kill me, or else I will defeat them. Even if you keep me in jail for 20 years, I will come out and defeat you,” he says.

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Bread and Wine …. after 40 years

An essay on reading

Bread & Wine

By Ignazio Silone

Signet Classics, 2005 - Fiction - 279 pages

Forty years ago, I had read  Bread and Wine, while living in Calcutta. Despite my indifference  towards the folks who wrote The God that Failed, (Silone being one of them, the others being Arthur Koestler, Andre Gide and others) I found myself transported by the languorous descriptions of pre-fascist rural Italy, around 1935.   A peasant society- religious and superstitious, seeking some redemption –or, resignation to fate-- is swept away by the onslaught of Mussolini’s quasi-industrial fascist hordes.  A fugitive socialist takes cover as a priest and contemplates resistance while dipping his black bread into his wine. Making sense of two opposites—the popular inertia and the juggernaut that rolls their way—between the basic necessities of life and the attractiveness of sin.  After forty years, I have visited the novel again today in Kolkata.  
The boisterous, cantankerous adulation for Modi’s vision of India and the twisted secularism of the Premier of Quebec (the two places where I live, where veiled intolerance is raison d’etre for extreme nationalist fervour )—seem like the fearsome predicament for those who re-examine history, without cherry-picking and sampling it.  So, after having travelled the globe over the years, through Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America listening to debates about social development, about “Springs” that turned to winter, about plurality, the impact of globalization and settler-ism, the meltdown and geo-political terror-wars that trigger mass exodus—I find myself fugitized and subdued like the village priest in Bread and Wine. Under wraps in Kolkata and Montreal. Sandwiched between creatures from a Jurassic era, who on the one hand cover up their intolerance by resorting to opportunism (and notably idolatrous attempts at erecting mountainous statues of resurrected heroes) and on the other hand, calling for preserving heritage and legacy and camouflaging their wanton supremacist ideology by erecting a “Charter of Values” and passing it off as laïcité  or secularism.
This is not about corruption, governance, integration, assimilation, “respect for your hosts” or religious neutrality etc, as it is made out to be.  It is the arcane debate about what my priest whispered into my ears versus what your priest whispered into yours; it is about running a society where one “rural” church says what is acceptable and what the other says, is not. What must be dismissed as seditious, subversive and anti-national and what must be resurrected as the embodiment of the true path for the Nation. It is about Duplessis and the Trudeau/Levesque years of the Quiet Revolution, Mussolini and how he used the memory of Garibaldi(and so did the Left).  About Modi and his use of Patel. About the false dichotomy between Patel and Nehru. About BJP and Congress and the rotten game of football where the crowds are left with no choices.  History repeats itself, every half-century with open-ended memory games. Only it gets more unpleasant and dreadful, each time.
Revisiting Bread and Wine one gets a whiff of the Italian fascism that this book captures eloquently. It also captures the body politique of Catholicist feudalism, then, or its variants in pre-industrialized India, today.  From crusty villages in volcanic craters, peppered with unrepaired houses and unrepentant peasants, hoarding hay and poverty and dipping their bread (their meagre belongings and survivalist instincts) in their wine (their sinful tendencies and occasional deviances); aging, braying donkeys named Bersagliera looking for sexual encounters while hauling runaway socialists;  crazed fanatics deploying IEDs and a criminalized police force snatching jewelry from stamped-upon pilgrims. The smell is inimitable. But it is also the basis of what breeds fascist intolerance. Rural disconnection, provincialist fantasies about nation building and notions of deliverance, repentance and confession ; the dream of making fast money while dismissing the plight of the newly-arrived and the minorities. The highway to “quiet fascism.”
How does a donkey get christened? By hitting it on the head with a wooden spoon and whispering “Garibaldi” into its ears. This is done several times until the donkey for sure has grasped its name. Tough name.  Garibaldi. Will make the donkey work harder and harder.  A young girl has hangered herself, trying to abort her foetus.  She was only nineteen. If she did not, the whole village would throw her out, physically.  We need tough donkeys. We need girls that understand the rules of the game. They cannot run away from the caste. We need to hammer home the truth that if you work hard, if you are a believer, if you are disciplined and a vicious nationalist-then there will be peace and prosperity under a strong leader. Otherwise, there is the Khap Panchayat that will set the standards for the Nation.
Yusef in Herouxville, Quebec, must know that until he becomes Joseph, or behaves at least like Guiseppe or José, he will be scorned, one way or the other and turned away from the village. Yusef does not wear a headdress anymore today. He has assimilated.  Darshan Singh, on the other hand, still wears his turban in Delhi, but waits for justice for 1984. Yasmina in Citizen Nagar, Ahmedabad wants to find out if the seven relatives she lost in 2002 will soon be forgotten. The atheist in a priest’s robe as in Mussolini’s Italy in 1935, waits, as well for memory to de-appropriated.  
The question is not What is to be Done ? But, What are We to Do?

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Syria: Colonization Redux

This piece originally appeared in countercurrents.org and frontierweekly.com

This week’s Economist, the magazine of the hard right that has always made a display of making neocon political tribalism sound like intelligent gobbledygook, does it again with provocation on the front cover ---and muddle-headed nonsense on the inside. With their typical flamboyance, on the cover they have an ashen looking Assad with the title “Hit him hard” and in the inside they do the usual Westcentric frolic-by saying “Present the proof and then hit him hard. Punish him.” So out in the open, you do the usual “Wolf! Wolf” thing and then on the inside, you do your western rationalist jugglery. This is what has always kept colonization alive. Speaking with two tongues.
Nothing that one says about Syria is going to change the minds of those in the other camp. Just as the missing WMDs did not change the minds of those who insisted that Baghdad should be bombed back to the Stone Age.
Ever been on the side of a losing political posture and felt the ground slip below your feet? Ever had no choice but to re-bottle brazen west-supremacist hooch that colonizers from 100 years ago swooned over? Ever had to rely on staged “live reporting” by actors on roof tops with recorded automatic fire in the background, to make your case for the US and its vassal states to intervene in Syria?  (see “Syria Danny” here      http://friendsofsyria.wordpress.com/2013/09/01/cnn-caught-staging-news-segments-on-syria-with-actors/ )  Ever had to desperately seek Tomahawk assistance combined with Mossad black-ops and Saudi/Qatari grease-funding when your “liberation” wars are failing? Ever been in a situation where your upside down monkey-hanging position overlooking the crisis on the ground, from a comfortable branch up above, was getting too uncomfortable because the toxic fumes were now getting to your eyes and ears? Ever been inside the heads of articulate, overindulgent, humbugs like the late Hitchens and his cult followers, who found succor in demonizing the Wests’ own monster creations-- and then subsequently shared the podium, physically and intellectually, with the brigadiers of bumrush imperialism?  Ever been inside the ever weakening, dodgy, mendacious talkativeness of folks who cry “liberty” and preach occupation, in the name of refugee relief?  Ever had to stage manage an atrocious, criminal, false flag Chemical Weapons attack to justify the now fabled Western penchant for democratic intervention?  Well, that is exactly where the supporters of the “Free Syrian Army” are at, at this juncture.  Hanging upside down-- desperately seeking the Mediterranean fleet to launch their 1.6 million apiece (364 are available) cruise missiles into Syria-to save the day for the FSA. Because all else has failed.  And such an attack will do nothing other than “collateral damage” to the Syrian civilian population who are already on the run (over 2 million). All those who encourage such an eventuality would make Leopold II look like Little Lulu or Tubby.  (They would rather be Leopold than be Lulu.)
On the other hand, there will be no WWIII if the United States sends its cruise missiles and hits Assad’s palace or his Military command centers. The peaceniks can stop freaking out. The United States as a State does not have the political spleen to take out Syria, like they did in Libya by sheer carpet bombing (after slyly manipulating the Security Council). There will be no “back to the Middle Ages,” as the Iranian Foreign Minister envisages, if the US strikes.  There is only one way things can change. And the British and French, being the veteran colonialists, know the game well. Not by Tomahawks, not by Psy-ops, not by Manpads—which are the video-game fantasies of the retired intels and the arm-chair pundits.  They will have to send in their Special Ops and assassinate the entire top brass and military of Assad, one by one, with appropriate assistance from Mossad. That will take a year and they are quite capable of it. Then things may change. There are no “just wars” in these times for the West and its allies. Only dirty ops.
The Syrian question has been converted into a “100,00 dead” propaganda factory, just as in many other genocides and holocausts in history, the key protagonists play the numbers game and convert genuine issues into factories for the mass production of distorted political propaganda or foisting imperial game plans through vassal states.  It is always at the expense of other peoples.  Yes, 100,000 people have been killed and the majority have been killed by the Assad regime-with their superior armed forces bombarding rebel held towns and cities and yes, thousands of people have streamed across the border and created a humanitarian crisis.  Just as the Pakistani Armed Forces killed and raped more than a million Bengalis and millions streamed across the border to India, but at that time the United States sent in their Sixth Fleet to the Bay of Bengal to intimidate the Indians in 1971, instead of reining in their ally Pakistan. Just similarly somewhat, as in  the month of August 2013 (not so distant— but conveniently overlooked by the same anaesthetized “refugee relief “ campaigners) , one of the largest warships in the world, the USS Nimitz, docked in the Persian Gulf country of Bahrain. Why did they do that?
“The timing is instructive – pro-democracy protestors are preparing to demonstrate for human rights in the capital, Manama. The Nimitz, lead Flat-top of President Obama’s Carrier Strike Group 11, rolled into harbor as if to say out loud: “The United States will not tolerate democracy in this island kingdom, home to the US Fifth Fleet. The USA supports the dictatorship installed here in the 18th century.”( Afshin Rattansi is a journalist, author of “The Dream of the Decade – the London Novels http://www.amazon.com/The-Dream-Decade-London-Novels/dp/1419616862 )
 Are the Qatari/Bahraini Bum-Sheiks and The Saudi Tribal Goon-Princes the new normal for the West’s Middle Eastern democratic strategy? The question for Syria though is, WHO is asking help from the United States and the Israelis, to dismember and carve up Syria and why? Let us take a look at the actors and the vectors.
What is the goal in Syria?
Obama and an increasingly distraught looking Kerry say it is not regime change; it is not to destroy the chemical weapons and it is not to assist the remaining rebels who are either Al Qaeda or clued-out Ninja-Jihadists from Chechen, Yemen, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Libya, Turkey and Allah knows where else. Some have even claimed that they had come to Syria, via Turkey, as they were told they could “kill Jews there.”  It is not a question of crossing red lines or any line, because the Sarin gas that is being put in canisters, are made in a factory in Georgia, USA, shipped to Saudi Arabia and handed over to Al-Nusra (inadvertently of course) and other elements, without even informing them what is in it. ( See http://original.antiwar.com/dale-gavlak/2013/08/30/syrians-in-ghouta-claim-saudi-supplied-rebels-behind-chemical-attack/ Who are these entities, the upside down monkeys, begging and pleading for western intervention in Syria? Of course there is the ubiquitous Prince Bandar, CIA thug from the Iran-Contra period, and greasy Pipeline- Sheikh for the Saudi regime. But that is not enough. There are the Merkels, the Camerons and the fabulous Socialists of France-all slave masters of the old colonies. But who else is pimping from the sidelines for this intervention? Yes, the monkey-preachers of Western Civ who have primped for years in front of fractured colonial mirrors, seeking ways to discredit any alternate discourse that they did not come up with themselves. They are all Prince Bandar’s good buddies today.
The Syrian situation is NOT just one of humanitarian or refugee relief as much as there are thousands and thousands of Syrians fleeing the country and as much as there is a regime clinging to power there, whose record of atrocities against its own citizens is well documented. It is not a question of noble visions of bringing democracy in stages to the hapless Arabs who have had no exposure to such ideals! There is a long term geo-political strategy that is at work and the backers of such a strategy are neo-cons, neo-liberals, west-centric liberal democrats and effete socialists or simply the uninformed gangster-lumpen-intellectuals who have no allegiances, no affiliations, no commitments to social change but a penchant for provocative dialogue for the sake of dialogue itself-- using obscure and very often staged reporting.
The Syria adventure has been in the making for years. It is not about oil. Not about gas. Not about democracy. Not for refugee relief and for sure not against the use of chemical weapons. It is a cynical campaign that uses all of the above as propaganda to colonize and lay down pipelines for gas to warm water ports, as we shall see later in this report. Because the control of Pipelines and access to warm water ports are fundamental to the Military Strategy of encirclement. And encirclement is the only way that the stocks of the military companies can rise exponentially.
Only Pathological West-Centric Liars Like to sell the “FSA” as liberators
1.       Many of the progressive groups who initiated the struggle against the Assad regime have been deftly sidelined and the Syrian National Council or the Free Syrian Army, whichever you choose, are simply temporary marionettes ( never mind the cannibal performance on You Tube) in the hands of the hysterical Shia-hating Qatari/Saudi/Turkish  enclave. And sitting behind a Machiavellian smokescreen or rather a one-way interrogation chamber window, are the smug Israelis.  Where are the so-called moderates in the FSA?  A major and dominating faction of the so called rebels are an Al-Qaeda front-- Al-Nusra (about 15, 000 fighters mostly from nearby countries like Egypt, Libya, Sudan, Saudi, Qatar and Jordan but even from as far away as Chechnya, Afghanistan, Albania and Pakistan)  and they have various grades of rogue fanatics in their fold (including imams who call for raping non-sunnis as a path to martyrdom). They want shoulder launched anti-tank and anti-aircraft weapons.  This would be a game changer, according to Western analysts and some pretend leftist groups in Europe and elsewhere. The only reason why the Obama regime has been dilly-dallying about open and direct support for the “rebels” is because they have not yet found their Chalabi (remember the articulate liar who planted stories about WMDs in Iraq ) or a shady bureaucrat like El Baradei in Egypt.
2.        Even Hassan Nasrallah of the Hezbollah recently recognized that this whole business of Muslims getting drawn into the anti-Soviet jihad in Afghanistan was not the greatest idea, after all. It was actually the biggest con job done on political Islam by the West. No practicing Sunni political leader would have the guts or the wherewithal to acknowledge this because if they did, they would immediately get their military funds cut off. No Arab ruler can survive a day if they get too loudmouthed about criticizing US geopolitical intent. That is why, the two non-Shias (Gadhafi and Sadam Hussein),  despite their neurotic and despotic ways—who saw through the politics of Empire and because they had oil and gas, could stand up on their own for a while--- were dispatched one after the other in a routine “war against terror” doctrine.  Not because the US, the West and Israel are such fervent holy-rolling humanists and democrats, but because they are basically entrenched in the concept of the civilizational superiority of the Judeo-Christian, Anglo-Saxon Colonizing mindset.  
3.        Syria and Iran have been the next two on the list in the famous document that was sponsored in 2000 by Wolfowitz, Perle, Netanyahu and others (see list below) .
Participants in the Study Group on "A New Israeli Strategy Toward 2000" were-
Richard Perle, American Enterprise Institute, Study Group Leader
James Colbert, Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs
Charles Fairbanks, Jr., Johns Hopkins University/SAIS
Douglas Feith, Feith and Zell Associates
Robert Loewenberg, President, Institute for Advanced Strategic and Political Studies
Jonathan Torop, The Washington Institute for Near East Policy
David Wurmser, Institute for Advanced Strategic and Political Studies
Meyrav Wurmser, Johns Hopkins University and not too far behind were Cheney, Rumsfeld, Libby and the whole gamut of neocon warmongers like Fukuyama, Krauthammer  etc who had their own documents in place as well for the “New American Century.” The concerted plan for a pro-Israel-neocon entente was put methodically in place in the nineties. Obama, as the front paw of the neo-liberal entente would like to relocate the vectors in 2013 with a swagger, rather than the dour shadiness of the neocons.

 In 2007 General Wesley Clark in speeches and interviews recalled a conversation he had in 1991 with Paul Wolfowitz, in which Wolfowitz stated that the USA had 5 to 10 years to take out “those old Soviet client regimes; Iraq, Iran, Syria, before the next superpower comes along”.

 See http://thetruthserumblog.blogspot.ca/2013/05/why-seamus-milne-is-dead-wrong.html   

George Bush was not yet sold into this, but his somewhat smarter brother Jeb, Governor of Florida, was.  The Florida vote count turnaround was actually a turning point in ensuring that the neo-con entente meant business. Bush then subsequently surrounded himself with Zionists: Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Perle, Bolton, Feith. These were the authors of the document called “A Clean Break” for then Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin  Netanyahu. The document called for war on those nations named to Clark by Wolfowitz viz Iraq, Iran and Syria, plus one more, Lebanon—because of Hezbollah. Since then the entire Middle East or West Asia  has been plagued by mysterious assassinations, black ops, false flag incidents, massive bombings, unresolved murders  and poison gas attacks. Some of the authors of these documents also called for a “new Pearl Harbor” in order to go on a global warmongering rampage.
See http://www.thirdworldtraveler.com/New_World_Order/Proj_New_American_Century.html

Well! 9/11 happened and the USA went to war.

The first nation the USA invaded was Afghanistan, where Osama bin Laden was hanging out. The green light to take Osama never happened. Opportunities were missed, while the media kept doing their Breaking News Bora! Bora! calisthenics. Bin Laden was never listed by the FBI as wanted explicitly for 9/11. In the summer of 2001 the Taliban were negotiating about transit pipelines, for which they wanted lots of money. The Taliban had also eradicated the opium crops which were a huge cash cow for the Anglo-American Establishment. The US knew that the Taliban knew where Ben Laden was. But they were still trying to negotiate with them. Bin Laden was never found (or rather outed) till Obama decided to take him out in Pakistan. So, the West will talk to anyone, will negotiate in the backrooms with anyone, prop up mindless terrorists wherever they can and then emerge out of the tent looking like Lawrence of Arabia!

Next was Iraq. And we all know how the WMD issue was cooked up. Colin Powell did a ppt. presentation with Lego models and old satellite pics of milk trucks looking like weapons silos. Sadam Husaain was ultimately hanged. And Iraq is now in absolute chaos and mass killings are endemic-almost 50-100 people get killed on a daily basis- while Halliburton and others have secured the bulk of billions of dollars of Oil contracts.

In February 2005 the former Prime Minister of Lebanon Rafik Hariri was blown up in Beirut. See again http://thetruthserumblog.blogspot.ca/2013/05/why-seamus-milne-is-dead-wrong.html Syrian intelligence was definitely implicated. After all they have been in Lebanon now for thirty years. Not as a Shia military force, but as a welcome deterrent to the Israelis. After all, the Israelis have occupied more foreign territory than any other nation in the ME.  A “Cedar Revolution” was stage managed to force Syria to withdraw from Lebanon, which it did. This left Hezbollah’s flank exposed. So in 2006 Israel sent in some IDF into an area known to be occupied by Hezbollah. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Maroun_al-Ras  The IDF were taken out and Israel knew this (as recently admitted by Olmert) but they acted like Hezbollah were holding the troops hostage. This gave Israel the excuse to wage war on Hezbollah. But despite its enormous military machine and powerful friends, Israel lost that war. Hundreds of innocent Lebanese, including children lost their lives.

There were numerous attempts to get at Iran. The whole world is now incrementally educated about the spin velocities of centrifuges and the concentration chemistry of Uranium. Nowhere are we discussing Iran going Nuclear anymore.  Because that entire news item was a plant and it fizzled out despite the best efforts of the CNNspin machine.

Next in line was Gadhafi. So in 2011, with the assistance of Special Forces of Qatar and the UK, the ninja salafi warriors were transported into Libya to get Gaddafi. Gaddafi had been an ally of the NATO powers; he collaborated with MI6 and gave names of suspected al Qaeda in Libya; Blair went public, hugging the Colonel and describing him as “off list”. Bush followed suit. Several suspects were renditioned to Libya for torture; Gaddafi gave up his Nuclear and WMD program. Instead he invested  billions in The City of London. Meanwhile, the Saudi sponsored Salafis were having a hard time in Libya, so NATO initiated the Gaddafi campaign soon after. Russia and China got duped on the “no fly “ resolution and  NATO carpet bombed Libya till the Ninja Jihadis,  assisted by British Special Forces, as revealed by the BBC,  entered Tripoli and killed him inside a pipe on the roadside.  So, far the “Clean Break” document was in acceleration mode. One by one, countries on the list were being invaded, occupied, dissected and abandoned.
The Jihadis were then transported to Syria via Turkey, and led to believe that they were in Israel to kill Jews. In Syria these NATO-proxy cutthroat Jihadi terrorist scum have been committing atrocity after atrocity after atrocity, forcing children to cut the heads off defenseless unarmed prisoners, throwing Assad-supporting civilians out of windows and off buildings, and  generally committing massacres when politically expedient. See http://thetruthserumblog.blogspot.ca/2013/05/do-you-want-to-know-what-really.html
4.       The US Congress acts only at the behest of AIPAC and Israel. This whole issue had come to a boil recently and Americans were realizing more and more how true it was. Besides the Boycott Divest Sanction campaign was winning one battle after another. So some very carefully engineered politics in the ME has now drawn away from this and re-foisted the issue of liberty, humanism and a racist hatred of “Arab dictators” as the new point of interest.  As if these dictators are any different from let’s say Syngman Rhee, Suharto,  Somoza, Noriega, Shah of Iran, Videla, Pinochet, Franco, Marcos, Rios Mont, Botha, Verwoerd and the whole gamut of ruthless fascist dictators that the West has continuously propped up and staged coup after coup in support of.
5.       Syria is NOT about Gas, oil or human rights. It is about PIPELINES. Pipelines are crucial. They must reach a Warm water port for export. The Caspian basin is crucial. Both China, India and Europe are strapped for oil and gas. The pipeline cannot easily be built on land through war zones like Afghanistan for Karachi or become prey to sabotage and disruption in possible wars between contentious regimes in the ME. There were TWO proposals for pipelines in this region.  In the summer of 2011, just weeks after civil war broke out in Syria, the Tehran Times released a report entitled-- Iran, Iraq, Syria Sign Major Gas Pipeline Deal. The report provided details on how Iran planned to export its vast natural gas reserves to Europe through a pipeline that traversed both Iraq and Syria. This Iran-Iraq-Syria pipeline would be the largest gas pipeline in the Middle East and would span from Iran’s gas-rich South Pars field to the Mediterranean coastline in Lebanon, via Iraq and Syria. But the pipeline won’t stop there. The agreement called for the construction of an underwater pipeline under the Mediterranean Sea stretching from Lebanon to Greece to deliver Iranian gas to energy-hungry European nations. The 6,000 kilometer pipeline, which has a massive price tag of $10 billion, would have an estimated capacity of 100-120 million cubic feet of gas per day, with a projected completion date sometime near 2018. As of this writing, the construction of this proposed pipeline has not begun and the question of who will finance the project has not been addressed. However, in July 2013, leaders from Syria, Iran, and Iraq met to sign a preliminary agreement on the pipeline with the hopes of finalizing the deal by the end of the year. That got Saudi Prince Bandar’s knickers in a knot. Like her Turkish neighbor, Syria’s geographic location on the Mediterranean Sea makes it an obvious export center for landlocked oil producers within the greater Middle East seeking to export their oil and gas reserves to European markets. For this reason, Syria’s strategic location,  and its warm water port on the Mediterranean, have placed it near the center of a major effort by Western nations to pump cheap Middle East gas supplies to Europe and beyond.
6.       Needless to say the Saudis, the Qataris, THE US and Israel and Turkey were opposed to this Pipeline, because they had plans for an alternate Arab Gas pipeline . Prince Bandar was audacious enough to tell the Russians not to back the Iran-Iraq-Syria pipeline and in return he would give the Russians cheap gas and a ten billion dollar package. The Russians spurned it, because they understood by now, where all this was headed. This is when the Syrian “Spring”
became an Al-Qaeda winter. Plans that were already in place, which included British Special Ops and Qatari trainees swung into action and billions of dollars were rolled out for infiltrating Syria through Turkey.

As the world waits to see how Obama, the Butler in the White House, pulls off his cavort—let us remember that the entire Syria episode (irrespective of how these Arab nations have replaced one nasty dictator with another, one after the other) was scripted several years ago, not because there was a humanitarian crisis, but because the neocon-neoliberal entente had it on their colonial sights to rule this region by any means necessary. 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Blackshirt regime in Khaki Shorts

Arundhuti Roy has made another addition to the long list of testimonials on the murder of Afzal Guru. It was expected. http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2013/feb/10/hanging-afzal-guru-india-democracy 

People and organizations have come at it from various angles. All perfectly well made points. All moving and eloquent. Some stoic and legal. There are people I know, who have not slept since the hanging. So close were they to the facts of his defence. Where does one go from here? We sign more petitions? We write more articles? What connections can be made with the overall condition of India and this hanging? Is it all about Kashmir and its quest for Azadi? Or is it much more than that?

Is there a link between Afzal Guru's assassination  and the way the Indian state has operated against ALL challenges to its authority from the North East and Kashmir to Abujmarh, Bastar and Irom Sharmila's struggles? And the struggles against the mining companies? What is the authority that the Indian state seeks? What is the cultural hegemony that dictates the need to wield that authority? 

Is there a relationship between how the capital of India is the rape capital of the world and what particular cultural attributes dictate the way and led the way to what it has become? Is there a relationship between the mass obscenity that is the Kumbh Melas (where 30 million people take a 1 minute dip in a fecal Ganges and feel absolved) and the assassination of Guru and the perfect freedom of a hoodlum fascist gangster like Togadia and the asinine statements of the son (and MP no less) of the President of India, after the Delhi gang rape? It seems far flung does it not? There is a connection however and history hints to us that there is always an overlying whole in a thousand disparate incidents and conflagrations.  It is time to take stock of what that overlying whole is. The type of cultural make-up that runs India and the political-economic plans that go along with that, are important to consider. 

Would it be simplistic to assign monopoly foreign capital or Davos-based neo-liberal policies or FDI in retail trade to this secretive early morning hanging? Would it? Not really. So far the scions of Indian industry --the 35 families that own more than 30% of India's assets --have not gotten their hands publicly and physically bloodied in the blood of India's poor (although the Tatas and Essar have clearly done so in Bastar through the Salwa Judum). However, they watch and wait and create the media frenzy (they own the media) and get the job done by other means. The junior level partners of these Indian scions (all affiliated to Sonia Gandhi's Congress and Advani's BJP) have done so openly--whether in the killing of activists and organizers to intellectuals, cultural activists--- by the scores-- from Sankar Guha Neogy, Chandrasekhar Prashad to Safdar Hasmi and leaders of the Maoists and RTI activists, in open daylight and in cold blood. People forget that during the stultifying darkness of the emergency, Indira Gandhi was able to hang two landless peasants Kishta Gowd and Bhomaiya. Do people remember? So is there is a relationship between the hanging of Kishta Gowd, Bhomaiya and Afzal Guru? There is.

It used to be and still is in certain Latin American countries, or for that matter in the US, Europe in the depression era and perhaps Italy, with Mafia-like controls, that large corporations, carefully manipulated the cultural ethos of the nation to warn against "commies, jews, foreigners and agitators. " This has been successfully done in India, as well. 

 It was the Latifundia culture that combined forced slave labour with pious Christian values and in the US, Canada and Australia the use of a Settler colonialist mindset to massacre the indigenous population. So religious incantations, combined with "national interests" and "work ethics" has always set the cultural basis for wielding authority on behalf of the ruling classes.  In India, there is a similar cultural ethos that is used by the Indian ruling class to create disaffection for Kashmiris, for Muslims, for tribals in Bastar, for Maoists and people from the North East. They have all become either "pakistanis" or "chinese".

A Brahminized intellectualism that has its roots in the RSS, believes that India is defined by Hinduism, that 20% of the population that is non-Hindu should be contained or simply bled to death or made to leave,  that dark skinned people living in the hills and forests of Bastar should be evacuated and the trillions of dollars of mineral resources lying below their feet, should be made available, that Asiatic-looking North Easterners should be put in their place, shoved aside and contained and the Army can have absolute impunity against rapes committed against them; that malls should be built by the scores in each city and town and provide measly service/sales jobs to India's impending 60% population (below the age of 35), so that there can be more of this bastard, grafted Hindu-chauvinist mall rat hysteria as a distraction from India's sordid "growth" story in its interiors.

In essence, India is run by a blackshirt regime in Khaki shorts

Monday, December 24, 2012

Delhi-Misogyny Capital of the World-37 photographs @lfp

Mumbai is not far behind..... and no one reports on what goes on in the country side.....this is the jeans clad middle class-righteously angry--good....but no one reports about the 70% in the villages....dalits....who have been raped and burnt alive by the congress-bjp culture for 65 years.....dont blame "bihari villagers" --engineers and doctors are raping in the confines of their gated communities as well, as India "grows"..... 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Time to SHUT them down...

Anonymous lays down the red line on Israel 

"When the government of Israel publicly threatened to sever all Internet and other telecommunications into and out of Gaza they crossed a line in the sand. As the former dictator of Egypt Mubarack learned the hard way – we are ANONYMOUS and NO ONE shuts down the Internet on our watch. To the IDF and government of Israel we issue you this warning only once. Do NOT shut down the Internet into the “Occupied Territories”, and cease and desist from your terror upon the innocent people of Palestine or you will know the full and unbridled wrath of Anonymous. And like all the other evil governments that have faced our rage, you will NOT survive it unscathed."
For full details go here 

Anonymous has already begun defacing multiple pro-Israel websites, including Falcon-s.co.iland Advocate-israel.com. They’ve also compiled an Anonymous Gaza Care Package, which contains basic safety and surveillance avoidance information, as well as instructions for how to jigger an internet connection if Israel takes down Gaza’s servers. Another document posted to Pastebin outlines how to connect to dial-up in the event of an internet outage.
Google doc, also being circulated by Anonymous, provides information about protests across the globe in response to the IDF’s military operations. A Facebook event for a protest at the New York Israeli Consulate on 42nd St. and 2nd Ave. already has over 1,000 people registered as attending.

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Is there a Scale for Hate?

August 6, 2012 A few hours have passed by, since the shooting at the Sikh temple in the US. Anger, sadness, disgust --dissipates. Innocuous words from a President to a Pretender, about “tragedy” pour out of the screen. Like abrasive silica that causes friction. Words that do not resonate, no matter how this President has become adept at acting out his charisma, always. I don’t want to talk about hard working brown-skinned immigrants. I do not want to talk about Sikhism, about their dress code, their turbans and their long beards and how in certain communities, including here, they trigger obtuse reactions. This is not about who did it, but why? I want to talk randomly, perhaps, about Einstein and relativity, about Usain Bolt and the way he mimics pulling a bow and shooting it into the sky (no limits, bro’) after blistering away at 45 miles per hour. I want to talk about the Queens, NY hip-hoppers Das Racist and their nonsequiturs against ignorance. Their use of deconstructive words-in- rhyme to lay down the line. About seeking out the truth and ensuring that it is not opinion. What is an Opinion and What is the Truth? There is something about science and evidence that make facts separate from opinion. Did Usain do it in 9.63 secs really? This is not an opinion. Unless the relationship between time and space is disproven. How long will it take to establish that this killing spree at the temple was a hate crime? Will opinion and legal/psychological acrobatics convert fact into opinion and truth into a circus? Is there a scale for hate? Truth is not an opinion. It is not my view against yours. It is the physics of the moment, until the velocity of light is deemed to be an anomaly. Until the clock that we use, has to be changed. Until the pain of Albert Einstein, in that what he formulated takes sometimes fifty years to be “proven”, is realized. What makes some Whites, supremacists? Is it because they have read Hitler? Is it because anywhere from 15 to 35% of the US population, from 45 million to 105 million,( relative to the increasing rate of poverty), can be considered illiterate? The CIA considers anyone over 15 years age and can read and write a sentence, as literate. Does literacy save you from hatefulness? Perhaps it is about a race that feels outdone, imitated and bypassed, about no longer being able to put their imprint on science, discovery, innovation and entrepreneurship as well as before, without the work of others enabling them--- it is about feeling second-classed in their “own land.” It is perhaps a feeling of being outdistanced, out –produced, out-manoeuvred, outclassed; it is not the ignorance of a handful that matters, nor does a book sow the seeds of divisiveness. It is about the truth on the ground forming opinions inside the head, the “nous” element that is increasingly evident including here. (Norway has 100% literacy, as per the CIA definition, and the opinion of at least one person in Utoya suggests that liberal attitudes towards Muslims need to be dealt with firmly- with Glock automatics). The team that put the six legged vehicle to land gently on the soil of Mars, did it all from the soil of the US. They are not supremacists, I opine. Because their basic commitment to science means they seek truth in a profound way, not to colonize, and not just pretend to “discover” like the Genoan Cristoforo Colombo did. Every erg of energy spent on this multi-dimensional project is based on core mathematics, core physics. Proven until disproven. And the “white” nations do it well, with an army of diversified scientists behind them. Because the US and Europe can still print the money to meet their Vision and implement their Mission, deficit or not. From the Large Hadron Collider, at Cern, where the sticky Higgs-boson particle was “proven”, to the Martian dust that will be spectrally analyzed, truth leaves a footprint. The truth could make peace or cause war. However, when the seeker is not interested in truth, then there is malevolence-a forceful outlet is sought to bend the truth. That hate should be measured. If there was a scientific way to measure malevolence then opinion would not matter. Then we would say that the creep in Wisconsin registered 8.9 in the febrile Malevolence scale because he was a -2.4 in the Knowledge scale, which resulted in a 0.2 in the Tolerance scale. Einstein’s pain continues unabated, until proven.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Cronenberg's Cosmoshitopolis

Cronenberg, the irredeemable bastard, puked out this absolutely reactionary piece of trash (Cosmopolis), shot with gimmicky gameboystyle/toyscreen/startrekky visuals of a recalcitrant pseudo-broody, sexdeprived currency trading 28 year old mutant (who sleeps, pees, eats and fucks in in a stretch limo ) while inveighing stupidly on his megalomaniac billionairisms ---(he is red eyed with blended scotch --cheap--- in a neon folding bar stocked with stupid neon drinks).  Matt Packer is his name...and Canadian tax payers have to pay for his broodscape? Why? To hell with Sodec, Telefilm and these other bastards who do not support independent progressive films and instead churn out this NYcult movie; about a half digested po-mo-stereophonic pedestrian angst-ridden flippant mawkish dialog that makes a parody even of post mo-attention deficiency and hollow pre-emptism. Not enough.?.. Then he shamelessly exploits the Occupy movement, the rise of Anarchist politics and flings in some demonstrators who spray paint his limo while he sits inside and smiles and talks to one of his financial analysts who he is thinking of humping as well. But in the end he humps a black woman (why no orgasm with the other white woman, hello?), also an analyst, in a hotel room while his paltrowesque month old wife states clearly to him that she is over with him amidst  a dull exchange of inocuos inanities (what else is pomo anyway) about reading and preempting each others minds..Hollow! sleepy Hollow! ..... So then in comes a reknowned Rumanian pie thrower who nails him and it is again an irrelevant episode.. nothing for the sake of nothing... ! Nothingness hyperconsecrated in a manner that would make any progressive writer, flmmaker, puke and get bed-ridden. In the end, he hugs his Muslim driver (Ibrahim) and Man Ishmael, finally sets him free into the night and he finds a barber to do half his hair (all through the film, all he wanted was a coiffure while losing millions in currency trading in the overnight Shanghai stock market)--so its the old American trash mentality of how the Chinese are not floating their currency and destroying the super regular super democratic west... while speculators creampie each other with their greenscreen ejaculations....So capitalism is dumped you say? Like hell! It is consecrated again as something that has gone astray...thats all.
Why should we Canadian taxpayers pay for this? What a waste of Montreal's Excentris as well....

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Apres Quebec's Printemps Erables: Will the word “radical” remain a word of abuse?

In the serious and resilient euphoria that persists, and will continue for a while,  Quebec will see more pot banging, head banging, guerilla takeover of administrative councils; rocks, brickbats, some more Molotov’s, emptied beer bottles and shoes will be reserved for Montreal’s thug-police who have shown no hesitation to shoot rubber bullets at close range to the eyes and the skull. But, where will all this head to after printemps is over? There are several possibilities and here is a possible listing.

 There will be road blocking, barricading,  bridge blocking, flag raising on important buildings, mass sit ins, mass arrests, further declaration of martial law provisions, plainclothes goons mugging the students and their supporters a-la Chile and Chicago, more lethal gases released into Montreal's night sky,  more key figures resigning from the Mafia and scam-ridden Cabinet and even from the Montreal city council whose corruption index has now tipped all analog and digital scales. Jean Charest, Quebec's conservative PM in Liberal garb,  will be  looking more and more like a dandelion losing its puffy hair in the hot winds that will come with summer and he will be forced to negotiate with the students, replace his assistants, as he is trying to do now. Very simply put, the rulers had never envisaged that this generation of students had the ability , the energy levels and the political depth to take the struggle to a higher level. In fact, nobody did.

More and more racist pure laine nationalists, hiding behind the revolutionary might of the militant students will desperately piggy-back on them and bleat their cause opportunistically. Quebec and Canada's Peladeau-Thompson media will of course bring in retired voices as consultants and continue to peddle their fetid notions of preserving the status quo, the establishment, the order of things, the notions of law and order, attempting to provoke and CPR  Quebec's comatose "Silent majority", while completely ignoring the disastrous Tar Sands/Plan Nord policies, loss of manufacturing jobs, the manipulative new labour-unemployment laws, the increasing household debt and the increasing merger with the security umbrella of the United States. 

French and English media will hold hands and cry about why the students “have gone beyond the limits.” Opportunists of all hues will cry shrill for an election and a parliamentary roll-over will happen. Legislators will cross the floor and angry councillors and candidates will run as independents.  In the long run, Amir Kadir and Quebec Solidaire will get quite a few more seats in parliament and a hodge-podge coalition of neo-liberalists, nationalists, constitutionalists and social democrats will continue to shriek at each other and run the province and the nation, whether they are in power or in the opposition. But, they will essentially sanctify parliament and the process of “law and order” no matter which side they are on. 

There will be divisions amongst the student leadership as well, for having gone beyond their mandate, perhaps. The government will come down hard in the down town core to ensure that the F-1 event weekend happens without any disruption of the sexist, elitist, exhibitionist, tourist handjobbing freak show that accompanies the F-1. What will happen next? There will perhaps be a summer of diminishing protests, some compromises, egg-shelly attitudes from both sides and the ruling class media will increasingly admonish the government for not taking sterner measures against the students.  There will be some more chaos and then there will perhaps be a withering slide to calm. Chaos is good. But calm is not. Fatigue will set in.  Because what the forces of globalization and neo-liberalism have done in the last ten years has been a veritable tempest; a gang rape of the land, the people, their savings and the environment and they have gotten away with it by preaching obscenities like "bailout, restraint, austerity, job creation.". Their plea for "calm" is the calm of the graveyard, after the tempest that they have run through the neighbourhood.
What is not obvious in this discourse and so far has been escaping the discussion are TWO things: -

 1) That the students, their supporters and detractors all belong to certain classes in their personal lives as human beings. Classes that have a relationship with the mode of production in capitalist society. They have a relationship with the ownership of the means of production. Either they own the capital or they work for capital. Either they run the wheels of capitalism or they are part of the supply chain to capitalism, the petit bourgeoisie.  Some of them come from working class families; some come from middle class families, some from upper bourgeoisified families and are the children of professionals, who once perhaps even took to the streets in protests against war, globalization, the role of the US, against Reagan, Mulroney, Thatcher, Harper and crew, against the  Israeli-US axis etc.  What the students have highlighted is that Capitalism will continue to reinvent itself. But as an economic and political system, it stands totally discredited. Proponents of Capitalism, nervous in their shoes, are now again opening mildewed copies of the Wealth of Nations, By Adam Smith, to find out what went wrong. But, as far  as class formations go, they do not wish to go anywhere beyond. Because that would be courting "radical" notions! The class roots of this conflict is not being prominently understood.

2) Which brings us to the second point. What kind of society do Quebeckers want? They defeated the Bloc-ists and voted in the NDP. They kicked out Harper and Duceppe and they brought in soft social democrats.Today the students have better analyzed the overall economic policies of the State than their parents did. They have found the organic links between the Rectors and Principals of Schools and the CEOs of companies, between the policies that hike student fees and the policies that gang-roll workers into taking cuts in wages after laying them off. The students have found the connections between those who want “law and order”, those who pollute, between those who want war on oil rich nations and those who want the banks to have runaway, obscene profits. They are all on one side. The other side.  The students’ parents protested, marched and went home sulking and yet satisfied. The students have left that "home", have much more information access and have correctly analyzed that the battery of measures taken by Harper and Charest ( in response to the 2008 meltdown-- unemployment insurance measures, refugee and immigration control, temporary worker policies, raising the retirement age, secretively providing subsidies to banks, openly siding with dictatorial regimes abroad and then selectively playing democratic saviors depending on the dictator having oil or no oil) are all connected. They are connected with student fee increases. Notice until now I have not mentioned the student fees.... Because, in reality, what the students have raised goes far beyond that. It goes goes to the core of what society we want for the future. And what is that society we want? A pale imitation of European Social Democracy? Or do we want more of a grass roots direct democracy from the bottom up? Do we want the charade that is the western democracy and Parliament or do we want neighbourhood democracy, community development, sustainable industrial development and a society built up brick by brick from the bottom up based on equity, rights and freedom? That projection has not been made. And we are at that threshold. Do we want a new style welfare society or do we want a new democracy? 

Will the word "radical" continue to remain a scary proposition? In the offices and administrative high rises around down-town Montreal, the word that is being spread is that Gabriel Dubois-Nadeau is a "commie." Oh shudders ! But will that end all debate conclusively? Will putting labels, resolve the conflict in our minds? 

In the final analysis, the students have figured things out better, but unfortunately they do not have a class formation. They have not really formed unions. They do not have organic links with the working class. The working class themselves have middle class aspirations (naturally, in an advanced capitalist society) and not as famously predicted-- that they would be the first to revolt against injustice and exploitation. (One has rarely ever seen a militant Union demonstration with workers in their overhaul, tools, hardhats marching in an advanced capitalist state, unlike in the underdeveloped world where workers still march with their shovels and pick axes and farming implements). The students do not have community organizations, neighbourhood councils, they have not thought of advancing to the next stage of youth councils, neighborhood democratic cells and popular fronts.
They have not done all this, because they have barely gotten off the starting blocks and have barely begun to realize that University policy, curriculum, budgets, allocation are all based on preserving the sanctity of the advanced capitalist state, by any means necessary. The state has its might, the forces of “law and order.” The students have none. Perhaps they are beginning now to realize that at the core of their resistance to the policies of the government, requires organizations of a new type. Not the campus based student unions only. They need their own networks beyond the campus, their own media, their own support base and external organizers as well. 
What the students need is a real radical organizational structure, where questions of disabling the state are on the agenda. They have correctly gone beyond the campuses and gone into the streets. That is an important step. Now they must organize in the neighborhoods. Interesting times? Bien sûr!